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Hoodoo Gurus
Saturday 12th November - 7:45pm til 9:00pm

The Hoodoo Guru’s started out in Sydney in 1981 playing their first ‘show’ on News Years Day in an inner city lounge room. Dave Faulkner and Brad Shephard kick started the band with Mark Kingsmill and Rick Grossman joining a few years later.

The band released their first album ‘Stoneage Romeos’ in 1984. With garage punk songs and pop references the album was named Australian Debut Album of the Year and was then released in the states where it stayed at number 1 in the Alternative/College charts for 7 weeks, thus becoming of the most played albums for the year on the college network. The 80’s and 90’s saw the band release multiple albums and singles with ‘What’s My Scene’ being the bands highest charting single. Their continued success saw the band touring regularly through Europe, American, Brazil and Australia.

Dave Faulkner says he remains amazed and eternally thankful that, three decades on, the music of the Hoodoo Gurus still holds such resonance with the Australian public. "I'm very grateful that we've got away with it for so long,' he says with a laugh. "Obviously, I'm proud of the songs and, as a writer, I'm so chuffed they've been adopted by people as part of their lives. They're not really my songs anymore; they're everyone else's. I just played a part in the beginning in raising them."

The Black Sorrows
Saturday 12th November - 6:00pm til 7:15pm

Joe Camilleri leads The Black Sorrows through a dynamic interplay of solid and well-crafted hits that mix the likes of blues, soul, R&B, gospel, country and even pop. The bands mantra is simple, 'we come to play and leave the audience feeling exhilarated', so forget about set lists, Joe Camilleri & The Black Sorrows' shows are emotionally driven so no two performances will ever be the same.

Joe Camilleri has been a massive part of the music industry for over 50 years. 2016 marks the release of The Black Sorrows 20th album Faithful Satellite and their 50 date national tour (Stanthorpe Rocks being one of those dates!). Faithful Satellite is the successor to the band's last original and critically acclaimed album, Certified Blue (2014). Swirling images of love lost, end of the line sea journeys, voodoo, Boot Hill and wild rock ‘n roll joy rides define Faithful Satellite, a culmination of artistry which separates Joe from the rest.

Even after more than 50 years in the music industry Joe Camilleri & his band the Black Sorrows remain one of the countries most enduring touring bands and of course, a festival favourite.



Adam Brand
Saturday 12th November - 4:15pm til 5:30pm

Adam Brand is one of Australia’s most successful recording artists, with a sales history of over half a million albums and DVDs.

Growing up in Perth, Adam Brand's love for music was heavily influenced by his father who was a singer and huge Elvis Presley fan. His mother on the other hand exposed him to Kris Kristofferson, Roy Orbison, and the Everly Brothers. At age 10, he picked up the drum sticks and went on to play percussion in the church band, where he was introduced to gospel and developed his lifelong love of rhythm. By 1997, Brand had packed up his Ute and travelled across the Nullabor to Sydney, where he released his first album, the self titled, Adam Brand which was certified Platinum nine months later. Adam has gone on to release nine blockbuster albums in Australia, with multiple Gold or Platinum awards to his name.

Over the course of his career, Adam Brand has earned three Platinum and five Gold albums and his most recent album There Will Be Love scored a #4 debut on the ARIA Mainstream album charts. He has been nominated four times for the ARIA Best Country Album award and is the winner of 12 Golden Guitar Awards at the Country Music Awards of Australia, including multiple wins in the Song of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year categories.

‘I didn’t really know where I was going to end up, and in some respects I didn’t really care! I just knew I wanted to go out and explore this “music” thing, and to have a good go at it. I’ve always been like that, over the years. With my music, I’ve never thought, “I don’t want to take a chance.” I’ve never kept to a formula. I’ve always want to forge new paths.’


Spy VS Spy
Saturday 12th November- 2:30pm til 3:45pm

Friends since highschool, band members Craig & Mike met Cliff Grigg in the mid 70's and decided to form a band - as simple as that, Spy V Spy were born. In the early 80's the band scored their first recording contract with Green Records in Sydney where they recorded and released their limited release of '4 Fresh Lemons' and soon became international recording artists.

Through regular gigs in the local seen, the band saw a growing mass of Spy fans. Even Midnight Oil's Peter Garrett was a devoted attendee of many Spy gigs. Peter become friends with the members of Spy V Spy and gave them all the low down on how to survive in the music industry. Spy V Spy soon developed a form of management and started exploring new recording and studio techniques.

The mid 80's saw the bands first major national tour with over 300 gigs in 1986 alone. The rest of the 80's and 90's consisted of multiple tours, national and international, as well as supporting major artists such as David Bowie.

In the mid 90's, freying at the seams from their long stint in the trenches of rock and roll, Cliff and Craig both left the band to pursue a new life. Mike Wiley stayed in the trenches, rocking the Spys favorites.. After a few line up changes, Mike and manager Shane Loadsman discovered Paul Greene through a Midnight Oil connection. Greene, a huge Spys fan, jumped at the opportunity to join the band. 5 years on, and the Spys are rocking better than ever, with Neil Beaver on bass and Dave Bennett on drums, the band is invigorated, writing, inspired with a new album in the works. After 2 tours to Brazil in the past 12 months, the band is back: live and sweaty with all guns blazing and a new chapter of spy v spy is set to explode. Long live the Spys!

Saturday 12th November - 1:00pm til 2:00pm
Peter Cupples
Sunday 13th November 1:45pm til 2:45pm

Peter Cupples musical career started at a young age with his musical family. He started off by singing and songwriting with his father then his elder brothers band. After a few years of chopping and changing band members, music style etc. eventually Stylus was formed. Since Peters previous band 'Masons Cure' had established itself Stylus hit the road running.
Stylus knew each others styles and quickly became eachothers family. The band was the first all white band to record for Motown. Stylus made their first performance on Countdown - a great kick start for a group of young guys. Later they recorded their first album 'Where In The World' which featured their 2 proud hits, 'Summer Breeze' and 'Make Believe'. Shortly after Stylus found things were moving pretty quickly for the band, with national airplay and national hits, so they followed it up with a national tour. 3 more albums later and multiple tours, Stylus became a hit Australian band.

'Stylus was very different to the other bands of the time in many ways. Not only musically different, but also culturally different. We were friends and family, and remain so to this day. Our reunion concerts move the audience because there is still magic between us that time has not eroded.' - Peter Cupples.

Peter is working on a new album callled Observations which will be completed and released by Stanthorpe Rocks. This is Peter's first original in many years.


The Badloves
Sunday 13th November - 3:15pm til 4:30pm

In Melbourne in 1989, The Badloves were formed by frontman Michael Spiby. Disillusioned with musical life touring as a hired hand Spiby returned to Melbourne to write songs for a new band. This new project began with the working title of DC3 which he later changed to ‘The Badloves’. The band rehearsed Spiby’s compositions in a bungalow at the back of his rental house in suburban Melbourne. His old touring bandmate Stephen O’Prey joined, replacing Ian Whiteside who was to manage the band and some time later John Housden joined the ranks on guitar.
The band prepared to play a series of small hotel gigs under the retro moniker The Badloves, in 1989/90. The band produced a sound that some critics later described as ‘neo-hippy’ and ‘retro’. The Badloves continued to write and demo new songs and perform around Australia before releasing their debut album, featuring hit songs 'Green Limousine', 'Lost', 'I Remember' and ' Memphis' in 1993, along with their collaboration with Jimmy Barnes which hit the top 10.

The Badloves got back together after a five year hiatus and are now continuing to tour national at music venues and festivals with Michael Spiby on guitar and lead vocals, Stephen 'Irish' O'Prey on bass, Jeff Consi on drums and Adam Rigley on keys. They recently released there live version of their new album Raw in August, stay tuned for the official release of the album!


The Koffin Rockers
Friday 11th November - 6:00pm til 8:00pm (in the Beer Garden)
Saturday 12th November- 11:30am til 12:30pm

If Elvis had never left the building; if Green Day had never come around; if The Sex Pistols had never caused anarchy in the UK and if country musicians never had dogs, wives, trucks or beer, you might not understand much about music - or North Queensland punkabilly band The Koffin Rockers.

Townsville's 3 piece rock-a-billy band, The Koffin Rockers, are travelling south for Stanthorpe Rocks with Michael Hegarty on guitar and vocals, Dean Gilboy on drums and vocals and Shaun Butcher on double bass and vocals.

The Koffin Rockers personalise the music they play: a mix of balls to the wall rock n roll, in your face punk, toe-tapping pop and just enough hillbilly to make you release you're not in Kansas anymore. Check your inhibitions at the doors because these boys are guarenteed to get you up dancing with their no frills, all thrills stage shows that have winning over fans not only in North Queensland but across the country.

'These Guys' - the band's aptly named EP from 2013, gave the lads a foot up amongst their peers, with the gritty little locally recorded five-track earning critical praise in DeadBeat mag as "a solid introduction to the band and captures their energy and enthusiasm." It also captured their quirky sense of humour, as seen in the clip for Cherry Bomb - a parody with a nod to the hillbilly in all of us.

Last Days
Sunday 13th November - 11:00 am til 11:45am


Sleeping Dogs
Sunday 13th November - 3:15pm til 4:30pm


Whiskey Gully
Friday 11th November - 8:00pm til 10:00pm (in the Beer Garden)

In The Beer Garden

Saturday 12th November
12:30pm til 1:00pm

Victoria Edwards

Saturday 12th November
2:00pm til 2:30pm

Peter Campbell

Saturday 12th November
3:45pm til 4:15pm


Saturday 12th November
5:30pm til 6:00pm

Peter Campbell

Saturday 12th November
7:15pm til 9:00pm

Taleena Peck

Saturday 12th November
9:00pm til 10:00pm

Speak Easy

Sunday 13th November
11:45am til 12:15pm


Sunday 13th November
1:15pm til 1:45pm


Sunday 13th November
2:45pm til 3:15pm

Kathryn Luxford